What is a merest?

What is a merest?

the merest used to emphasize the surprising or strong effect of a very small action or event: The merest mention of seafood makes her feel sick.

What does Tifle mean?

1 : something of little value, substance, or importance. 2 : a dessert typically consisting of plain or sponge cake often soaked with wine or spirits (such as brandy or rum) and topped with layers of preserves, custard, and cream. a trifle.

What does it mean to trifle with someone?

: to treat or deal with (someone or something) in a way that shows a lack of proper respect or seriousness You shouldn’t trifle with their feelings.

What is the meaning of merest child?

adjectiveWord forms: superlative merest. being nothing more than something specified. she is a mere child.

What is meant by flitted?

/ (flɪt) / verb flits, flitting or flitted (intr) to move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart. to fly rapidly and lightly; flutter. to pass quickly; fleeta memory flitted into his mind.

What does it mean to stick at trifles?

To stand on something means to insist on something, to be particular about something in this sentence. Trifles are trivial things, things that are of little importance. Hence your sentence means after that, it is unnecessary to be particular about trivial things.

What’s the difference between strategy and stratagem?

Strategy: HOW you are going to achieve a specific challenge, usually one related to gaining competitive advantage, in a specific market over time. Stratagem: A stratagem is a clever scheme or play your organization makes to gain an advantage over a competitor, sometimes by misdirection.

What is the synonym of Duty Bound?

appreciative. beholden. grateful. obligated.

What does the phrase trifling Pretence mean?

trifling. / (ˈtraɪflɪŋ) / adjective. insignificant or petty. frivolous or idle.

Why did Susan Glaspell name her book trifles?

Trifles is an appropriate title because it is the little things that are very sufficient. Finally, Susan Glaspell, the writer, uses the title to express her theme. This play was written in the early 20th century in a man dominated society. Women did not have a say when it came to important decisions.

How did the play Trifles get its name?

This play is based on events that happened in the early 20th century. Susan Glaspell, the writer, uses the word trifles appropriately when naming this play, and she uses this play to establish that women were taken for granted.

What is the symbolism of Minnie’s quilt in trifles?

Minnie’s messy quilt is a symbol of her wrecked home life and unhappiness. The quilt starts out with precisely sewn stitches, but they become sloppy, a symbol that represents Minnie’s life that starts out nicely but takes a dreadful turn for the worse. Similarly, her unkempt and bare kitchen is another symbol of her unhappy, empty home life.

What are the roles of men and women in trifles?

Trifles the Challenge The play, Trifles, places both men and women in sharp contrast to one another in relationship to their roles and social position in the society. While men occupy the important positions such as the Sherriff and the county attorney, women are basically attributed to no more than playing domestic roles.