What happened to Armando and Veronica Montelongo?

What happened to Armando and Veronica Montelongo?

Armando filed for divorce in June 2011 after almost 14 years of marriage. In her August court filing, Veronica wanted her former beau locked up in Bexar County Jail if he failed to comply with a court order enforcing the divorce agreement. She also wanted him to pay $1,000 a day until he complied.

Where is Armando Montelongo today?

San Antonio
Montelongo lives in San Antonio.

Who is Armando Montelongo ex wife?

Veronica Montelongo2011
Armando Montelongo/Ex-spouses
New court records reveal some eye-popping details of the marital split between one-time celebrity house-flippers Armando Montelongo and his ex-wife Veronica.

Who had the first house flipping show?

One of the first popular shows about house flipping, Flip This House, debuted on A&E Network in 2005. HGTV quickly got in on the fun with Flipping Virgins, Flip or Flop and more.

Are the houses on Flipping Vegas staged?

For the most part, Scott says, the show is edited for dramatic purposes and doesn’t reflect the real Yanceys. “What the people see is us stressed in a house on an episode,” Scott told The Las Vegas Sun. “It’s reality TV for a reason, but try working with your wife for 12-14 hours a day,” Scott told Vegas Seven.

Who is Veronica Montelongo and what does she do?

Veronica Montelongo is an American actress, reality television show star, real estate investor and former wife of popular reality television show host, Armando Montelongo. She is estimated to be in her mid to late forties, and possess about 20 years hands-on experience in the real estate business.

How long was Veronica Montelongo married to Armando?

The exact date of their marriage is not officially known, but there are insinuations that they were married for a long time, with some suggesting they could have been married for up to 14 years. They did not, or chose not to have any kids in their marriage at all.

When did the Veronica Montelongo show start on a & E?

Their business operated under the company name “Armando Montelongo Companies.” The show began in 2005 and aired on the network A&E (previously called Arts & Entertainment). Earlier, A&E used to focus on dramas and documentaries but now focuses more on reality TV programming, specifically with renovations and homes.

How long has Veronica Montelongo been on Flip This house?

Veronica Montelongo is posing for a click. When it comes to her career, she started as a house flipper and later she appeared on the show, Flip This House along with her then-spouse. She, along with Armando, hosted the series for almost five seasons.