What does DOA band stand for?

What does DOA band stand for?

Talk Minus Action Equals Zero
D.O.A. is a Canadian punk rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its slogan is “Talk Minus Action Equals Zero.” The band’s lyrics and imagery frequently advocate anti-racism, anti-globalization, freedom of speech, and environmentalism.

Who was the singer for DOA?

Joe Keithley
Brian Roy Goble

Where is the band DOA from?

Vancouver, Canada

What does DOA stand for approval?

DOA – Dead On Arrival.

What is DOA in text?

DOA means “Dead On Arrival.”

Who is the lead singer for Dead or Alive?

Pete Burns

Pete Burns
Genres Pop dance new wave Hi-NRG
Instruments Vocals
Labels Epic Sony Japan Cleopatra Avex
Associated acts Dead or Alive

What is a DOA legal?

DOA means Dead or Defective on Arrival; Sample 1.

What is the code for DOA?

Other Police 10 codes 10-999 = Officer down / officer needs help immediately.

What does DOA stand for in school?


Acronym Definition
DOA Duration of Action (pharmacology)
DOA Dean of Academics (various universities)
DOA Daughters of Artemis (gaming)
DOA Degree of Actuation (machine science)

What does DOA mean in procurement?

Persons authorised to conduct procurement including contracting for services, are defined in this policy and in the Delegation of Authority (DoA) policy.

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Is the movie d.o.a.on IMDb?

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