What are the commands of God in the Bible?

What are the commands of God in the Bible?

Ten Commandments

  • I am the LORD thy God.
  • No other gods before me.
  • No graven images or likenesses.
  • Not take the LORD’s name in vain.
  • Remember the sabbath day.
  • Honour thy father and thy mother.
  • Thou shalt not kill.
  • Thou shalt not commit adultery.

What are the 3 types of laws in the Bible?

The Westminster Confession of Faith (1646) divides the Mosaic laws into three categories: moral, civil, and ceremonial. In the view of the Westminster Divines, only the moral laws of the Mosaic Law, which include the Ten Commandments and the commands repeated in the New Testament, directly apply to Christians today.

Where can I find the 50 commands of Jesus?

Matthew Robert Payne wrote an article, “The Fifty Commands of Jesus,” Pastor Howard has a web site called “The Commands of Jesus Christ” that also lists 50 commands, and a slightly different list of 49 “Commands of Christ” was assembled by Bill Gothard. It is this last list that serves as a basis for this Bible study.

How to keep the commandments of Jesus Christ?

Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). Keeping the commands of Jesus begins with recognizing what they are. Following is a collection of 49 of Jesus’ commands. As you read through them, ask God to help you observe these words, apply them, and faithfully follow them throughout your lifetime. Repent

Where are the commands found in the Bible?

Feel free to augment the list. Jesus’ commands are found in all four gospels. The Gothard list I started with most often cites the command as it appears in Matthew, but more often than not, the commands are also found in Mark, Luke, and occasionally John.

What did Jesus command us to do in the Bible?

Jesus said that if we love Him, we will obey all that He commanded. ( John 14:15) So what did Jesus command? He wasn’t talking about keeping the Old Testament Law, nor was He telling us we need to have a works-based salvation to get into Heaven. But we are to obey Him as an act of obedience, love, and reverence for our Savior.