What all subjects are there in BAF?

What all subjects are there in BAF?

Syllabus BAF

FIRST YEAR : Semester 1 FIRST YEAR : Semester 2
Cost Accounting-Introduction and Element of Cost-Paper I Auditing-Introduction and Planning-Paper I
Economics-Micro Economics-Paper I Economics-Micro Economics-Paper I Financial Management-Paper I
Commerce-Business Environment-Paper I Taxation-Indirect Taxes-Paper I

What are the subjects in BCOM 6th sem?

BCOM Sixth Semester Subjects

  • A) Taxation Law ( Three hours classes ) :
  • B)
  • C) Financial Management ( Three hours classes) :
  • D) Auditing (Three hours classes) :
  • E) Indirect Taxes ( Three hours classes) :
  • F) Optional (Student can be select any one out of the followings these subjects)( Three hours classes):

How many subjects are there in BFM?

The three year B.Com(Financial Markets) Degree course is divided into six semesters where in each year there are two semesters….Syllabus BFM.

FIRST YEAR : Semester 1 FIRST YEAR : Semester 2
Effective Communication – I Effective Communication – II
Economics – I (Micro) Economics – II (Macro)

Does KC College have BAF?

Department of BAF/BMS/BBI/BFM.

Is maths required for BFM?

BFM definitely consists of Mathematics but it requires some knowledge in Mathematics to clear this. So if you can manage then you can take BFM if not go for some other course.

Is maths required for BAF?

If you want to go for BAF in your graduation, you will have maths in first and second year. No Maths is not required for simple B.Com. Do apply in as many courses you are interested in Delhi university so that you do not miss a chance to get admission.

When does tybaf SEM 6 start in BAF?

TYBAF Sem 6 commences from November every year and BAF students are expected to follow the below syllabus and question paper pattern for their April Sem 6 University exams preparation. The detailed syllabus and paper pattern of each of the subjects has been updated at :

How many semester wise exams are there in BAF?

The type of exam is different. There are two types of exams: semester wise exam and year wise exam. Let’s discuss first-semester wise exams as we all know there are 6 semesters in the course 2 semesters held every year. What are the Finance certification courses candidates can pursue in India?

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