Is Lets Dance a good album?

Is Lets Dance a good album?

Let’s Dance sounds great; it’s all beat, brains and breathiness. The album’s most intelligent strategy is its utter simplicity: Rodgers serves up guitar lines in thick slabs, and Bowie’s voice cuts across their surface like a knife slicing meat.

What is David Bowie’s best selling album?

Let’s Dance
140 million: That’s the estimated total of records Bowie sold worldwide throughout his career. The leading seller was 1983’s Let’s Dance, his highest-selling album at roughly 7 million copies.

What songs did Stevie Ray Vaughan play for David Bowie?

How David Bowie Helped Launch Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Career

  • David Bowie, “Cat People (Putting Out the Fire)” (with Stevie Ray Vaughan)
  • David Bowie, “Let’s Dance” (with Stevie Ray Vaughan)
  • David Bowie, “China Girl” (with Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Did SRV play Let’s Dance?

Stevie Ray Vaughan famously played on David Bowie’s hit album Let’s Dance. For many, it was their first introduction to the iconic guitarist, and it almost led to him touring with Bowie in support of the album, but things took a turn.

What was Bowie’s biggest hit?

David Bowie’s Biggest Billboard Hits

  • Let’s Dance. “Let’s Dance” peaked at #1 on 5.21.1983 with 20 weeks on the chart.
  • Dancing In The Street. Recorded alongside the Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger, “Dancing In The Street” peaked at #7 on 10.12.
  • Blue Jean.
  • Golden Years.
  • Modern Love.
  • Space Oddity.
  • Day-In Day-Out.
  • Never Let Me Down.

Who played the guitar solo in China Girl?

Stevie Ray Vaughan is the lead guitarist on this song and most of the album. Bowie discovered him after seeing him at a music festival. Bowie got him to play on his album and asked him to tour with him, but Stevie surprisingly declined.

Did Bowie write Let’s Dance?

“Let’s Dance” is one of David Bowie’s biggest hits. The song was written by Bowie and produced by Nile Rodgers and appears on the album of the same name, Let’s Dance. It was released as the album’s first single in 1983 and went on to become one of his biggest-selling tracks.