Is HIBS private?

Is HIBS private?

HIBS was founded in 1991 as a private school, and was then known as Hutt Independent Boys’ School, with Barry Kerr as principal. The school is multi-denominational and affiliated with the Anglican faith.

How many students go to HIBS?

HIBS is a small community of 650 young men from year 7 to year 13. Small enough for the boys to be an individual and to know the others in his community. Large enough to provide him with wide educational choices and opportunities.

Where is Hibs?

Hibernian Football Club (/hɪˈbɜːrniən/), commonly known as Hibs, is a professional football club based in the Leith area of Edinburgh, Scotland. The club plays in the Scottish Premiership, the top tier of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

Is Hibs a boarding school?

HIBS is a school for both Boarding and Day Students and those who live within a 40km distance of the school. We offer a complete educational experience for both Day and Boarding students.

Is Hibernian Irish or Scottish?

Hibernian Football Club (/hɪˈbɜːrniən/), commonly known as Hibs, is a professional football club based in the Leith area of Edinburgh, Scotland.

What are the benefits of boarding schools?

Seven Benefits of Boarding School

  • Challenging Academics. A boarding school education is known for being more challenging than a private day school or public school.
  • Peer Learning.
  • Smaller Class Sizes.
  • Personal Growth.
  • A Learning-Conducive Atmosphere.
  • Advanced Co-curricular Activities.
  • Social Maturity.

Is Edinburgh Catholic or Protestant?

12% of Edinburgh’s residents describe themselves as Catholic. There are no Catholic-dominated postcode areas, but several where they are a substantial group in the community and close to equal with those who describe themselves as Protestant.

Are Hibs older than Celtic?

This led in November 1887 to the formation of Celtic, who played their first match in May 1888 with players mostly borrowed from Hibs.

Is the Hibs School of Music a Hutt School?

The HIBS School of Music encompasses all the extra and co-curricular musical activities that occur at Hutt International Boys’ School. It is a primary aim of the HIBS School of Music to be an integral part of Hutt International Boys’ School, enhancing and enriching the corporate life of our school.

What does Hibs School of Music do for You?

Building self-esteem and well-being through positive performance experiences either as a participant or as a discriminating member of an audience combine to promote individual aesthetic growth and fulfilment.

What kind of uniform does Hibs school wear?

HIBS has a smart grey and blue uniform with red trim. Students are expected to wear the correct uniform and to be smartly presented at school, at any school function and when travelling to or from school. It is a mark of pride in the school.

How old are the boys at Hutt International School?

Hutt International Boys’ School provides secondary schooling from years 7 to 13 (forms 1 to 7).