How much does it cost to go to St Edmunds?

How much does it cost to go to St Edmunds?

The compulsory fee of $8,090 covers all activities at the College eg. camps, excursions, prepared meals on camps and retreats, text book hire, bus fares for school activities and sporting competitions etc. Parents can confidently expect this amount as the total compulsory charges billed by the College.

Who founded St Edmund’s College Ipswich?

St Edmund’s College is an independent Catholic secondary day school for boys’, located in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. The school was founded by the Congregation of Christian Brothers in 1892 and is conducted in the tradition of Edmund Ignatius Rice.

How much is St Marys?


College fees (per year)
Prep to Year 2 $3,520
Years 3 to 6 $3,880
Years 7 and 8 $5,220
Years 9 and 10 $5,720

How many students attend St Edmunds College?

903 (2011)
St Edmund’s College, Ipswich/Total enrollment

What does St Edmund’s College in Ipswich do?

St Edmund’s College educates young men spiritually, academically, socially, physically and creatively in a compassionate Catholic context. St Edmund’s College, an inclusive Catholic community, enriched by Ipswich culture and grounded in the Edmund Rice tradition, educates and inspires young men to live simply and to make a difference.

How much does it cost to go to St Edmunds School?

Fees – St Edmund’s School. School Fees For academic year 2020-21. There are three terms per year. The charges below are for the Lent and Summer terms 2021. Fees are payable in advance. Senior School (ages 13 – 18) Full boarding. £12,533. Weekly boarding.

How much does Ipswich School cost per term?

Tuition Per Term (£) Annual Fee (£) Senior School Years 9 – 13 £5,641 £16,923 Years 7 & 8 £5,167 £15,501 Preparatory School

Is there a sibling discount at St Edmunds?

Sibling Discount. St Edmund’s sibling discount is as follows: 1st Child: Full fees. 2nd Child: 5% discount (must attend concurrently) 3rd Child: 10% discount (must attend concurrently) 4th Child: 15% discount (must attend concurrently)