How many designs are there for the Koolhoven?

How many designs are there for the Koolhoven?

The website of the Koolhoven foundation lists 26 Koolhoven designs, starting with the F.K.30 and then going from F.K.35 to F.K.59. It however also notes that the designs F.K.37, 38, 39 and 59 were never built, while only giving pictures of wooden models for the designs F.K.35 and F.K.36.

Where was the Dutch aircraft company Koolhoven located?

N.V. Koolhoven was an aircraft manufacturer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. From its conception in 1926 to its destruction in the Blitzkrieg in May 1940, the company remained the Dutch second major aircraft manufacturer (after Fokker).

How did the Koolhoven company stay in business?

For its first five years, 1925 to 1930, the company managed to stay afloat by making one-off purpose-built airplanes to order, slowly branching out into the private aircraft sector and trying to break into the military market. In 1930, the company finally struck gold with the FK-41 high-wing tourist monoplane.

How big was the Koolhoven factory in Waalhaven?

In 1938, the Koolhoven factory at Waalhaven covered 8,000 square meters and had 1,200 employees. While still no match for Fokker, Koolhoven had established itself firmly as the number two manufacturer in the Netherlands.

Where did Koolhoven build the Desoutter Mk II?

Although N.V. Koolhoven itself only built 7 Fk-41’s the airplane was built under licence in England as the Desoutter Mk.I and later improved as the Mk.II. By 1933 the military market had picked up and Koolhoven increasingly built trainers and observation aircraft for the Dutch air force as well as several other countries.

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