How long has Callum McGregor been at Celtic?

How long has Callum McGregor been at Celtic?

Callum McGregor

Personal information
2001–2013 Celtic
Senior career*
Years Team Apps
2013– Celtic 219

When did Callum McGregor join Celtic?

2014Scotland national football team
2013Celtic F.C., Notts County F.C..
Callum McGregor/Dates joined

Where is Callum McGregor from?

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Callum McGregor/Place of birth

What age is Callum McGregor?

28 years (June 14, 1993)
Callum McGregor/Age

Who does McGregor Callum for?

Celtic F.C.#42 / Midfielder
Scotland national football team#8 / Midfielder
Callum McGregor/Current teams

Is Callum a Nought or a cross?

Sephy is a Cross, the privileged group in society, but Callum, the father of her child, was a nought.

How many caps has Callum McGregor?

Going into the 2021/22 season, McGregor had earned 34 Scotland caps, including all three games in UEFA Euro 2020, during which he scored the country’s only goal of the tournament, his first in a Scotland strip.

Why was Callum killed noughts and crosses?

Callum is the father of Sephy’s child, but he is hanged for his involvement in Sephy’s kidnapping before Callie Rose is born. Jude McGregor: the co-protagonist of Knife Edge, the main antagonist of Checkmate and a secondary antagonist in Noughts & Crosses.

Do Sephy and Callum end up together?

After a few years have passed without contact, Callum kidnaps her, but they end up sleeping together and have a daughter, Callie Rose, who is raised by Sephy and Meggie after Callum is killed.

What does sephy name her child?

Callie Rose Mc Gregor is the daughter of Sephy Hadley and Callum McGregor, and older half-sister of Troy.

Is Callum really dead in noughts and crosses?

In the final moments of the book, Callum was executed while Sephy called out professing her love for him. He chose not to wear a hood, so that he was able to see her before he was killed.