Did Nate really love Serena?

Did Nate really love Serena?

In Season 3 they enter a romantic relationship, but break up in the season finale, “Last Tango, Then Paris”. Serena ultimately loves Dan Humphrey and chooses to be with him over Nate. Though it took sometime to reconcile, Nate and Serena remain good friends for the rest of the show.

Why did Serena and Nate not end up together?

Nate and Serena were a surprisingly good couple. While they came from different backgrounds, they learned from one another and got along well. Nate ended up breaking it off because he felt the relationship had met its end.

Who did Nate really love?

Eventually, Nate professes to Blair that he loves her more than he ever loved Serena. However, he ends up with neither Serena or Blair as he leaves to travel on a boat to avoid becoming in between the two.

Did Dan and Blair sleep together?

After a month hiatus of our beloved CW drama opera, Blair and Dan finally had the chance to do what they’ve been waiting for so long to do — have sex. The two finally got it on in Dan’s Brooklyn loft (classy B) and quickly left in disappointment.

What was the relationship between Nate and Serena?

The relationship between Nate and Serena, also known as Serenate, is the friendship and former romantic relationship between Nate Archibald and Serena van der Woodsen.

Why did Serena pretend to date Nate on Gossip Girl?

Season Two. In the season premiere Summer Kind of Wonderful, it’s revealed that Nate and Serena have spent the summer pretending to date so she can move on from Dan and Nate can have an affair with the married Catherine Beaton. During The White Party, Serena kisses Nate to help him make Catherine jealous, and it works.

Why did Serena kiss Nate at the White Party?

During The White Party, Serena kisses Nate to help him make Catherine jealous, and it works. In Enough About Eve, Serena goes to Nate for help in freeing her boyfriend, Carter Baizen, from the Buckley family; who are planning to send him to an oil rig as revenge for him abandoning his wedding to Beth Buckley.

Why did Nate go to Dan in Gossip Girl?

In The Blair Bitch Project, Nate goes to Dan when his sister, Jenny Humphrey, asks for an odd favor. He accidentally interrupts a date between Serena and Dan to ask for his help, then stays with Serena to catch up.