At what time Fajr ends in Peshawar?

At what time Fajr ends in Peshawar?


Prayer Name Prayer Time
Fajr 05:01 am
Dhuhr 11:58 am
Asr 03:53 pm
Maghrib 05:31 pm

What is the last time for Fajr namaz today?

Prayer Times for Sunday 3rd of Sun 2021 are: Fajr – 4:55 AM. Sunrise – 6:13 AM. Dhuhr – 12:09 PM.

How do you determine Fajr time?

The time for Fajr (dawn) prayer commences at the true dawn, and ends at sunrise. A false dawn is a pale white light that appears in the East, in the form of a triangle that points upwards, with the horizon at its base. It appears before the true dawn with a period ranging from half-an-hour to an hour.

Which is the correct time for Namaz in Peshawar?

Today’s 04 Dhul-Hijjah 1442 Peshawar namaz timing with next 7 days Schedule from 15 Jul, 2021 to 21 Jul, 2021 with customizable prayer time calculation methods to calculate the proper time for your prayer. On other hand, you may also read Peshawar zawal time updates with complete start and end time details.

What’s the time of the Maghrib in Peshawar?

A: Maghrib Time in Peshawar is at 7:26 PM. It’s a sunset prayer consisting of 7 Rakat: 3 Farz, 2 Sunnat, and 2 Nafl. Today Maghrib time starts at 7:26 PM and ends before Isha time in Peshawar at 9:07 PM.

What is the sun set time in Peshawar?

Peshawar Sun Set time that is also called Iftar Time in Peshawar is 7:27 PM and Dawn break Time that is also end of Sehri Time in Peshawar at 3:31 AM. Sehri and Iftar time is also called Ramadan Time during the month of Ramadan.

What is the asr time in Peshawar Pakistan?

Q: What is Asr time in Peshawar? A: It’s an afternoon prayer consisting of 8 Rakat as total as 4 Sunnat and 4 Farz. Today Asr time starts at 4:15 PM and ends before Magrib time in Peshawar at 5:54 PM.