Are drugs legal in Perth?

Are drugs legal in Perth?

In Western Australia, it is illegal to possess, use, manufacture, cultivate or supply an illicit drug. Penalties vary depending on the offence: Possession offences: a maximum $2000 fine and/or 2 years in prison. Supply offences: a maximum $100,000 fine and/or 25 years in prison.

What are the laws on drugs in Australia?

Illicit drugs remain illegal but criminal penalties are replaced with civil penalties (such as fines). People who use or possess drugs can still be charged, especially if they do not comply with paying the fine or attending the assessment. Drug supply remains a criminal offence.

What drugs are illegal in Western Australia?

Which drugs are illegal?

Drugs of Addiction Prohibited Drug
PCE Heroin
PCP Morphine
LSD Opium
Ecstasy/MDMA Cannabis or cannabis resin or any other cannabis derivative.

What happens if you are caught with drugs in Australia?

Penalty for trafficking They depend on the quantity you have and how old you are. The maximum penalty for an adult is; 15 years jail and/or a fine of up to 1,800 penalty units, or. 25 years jail and/or 3,000 penalty units for trafficking a commercial quantity of an illegal drug.

Is it legal to grow poppies in Western Australia?

Commercial cultivation of oilseed poppy does not occur in Western Australia. Cultivation of oilseed poppy for experimental purposes is regulated under the Poisons Act 1964 and is strictly licensed, controlled and monitored. Under State legislation it is illegal to grow oilseed poppy plants without a licence.

Is CBD oil illegal in Western Australia?

In Western Australia (WA), the prescribing and supply of all medicinal cannabis products must comply with the Medicines and Poisons legislation, in the same way as other S4 and S8 medicines. All cannabis for medicinal use must be prescribed by a medical practitioner. Recreational cannabis remains illegal.

What is the drug law in Western Australia?

In Western Australia, the principle legislation governing drug offences is the Misuse of Drugs Act 1981. This legislation makes illegal. On 23 January 2013, Richard Lawson, from Lawson Legal, appeared before Justice Hall in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, in relation to a manslaughter charge.

What are the penalties for drug possession in Australia?

If you are found guilty of a simple drug possession offence you could face a $2,000 fine or 2 years in prison or both. More serious penalties apply for certain types of drugs or if you are found with a large amount in your possession.

Is it illegal to drink and drive in Perth WA?

In Perth ,your blood alcohol level needs to be less than 0.05% and police have authority to submit anyone driving to a random breath analysis test. It is also illegal to drink while driving. Certain drivers are required to abide by a zero tolerance law, meaning that no alcohol can be consumed if the person intends to drive.

How does illicit drug use affect the Australian community?

Illicit drug use affects individuals, families and the broader Australian community. These harms are numerous and include: health impacts such as burden of disease, death, overdose and hospitalisation