Are aloe infused socks good for your feet?

Are aloe infused socks good for your feet?

This not only moisturises the foot but also keeps it fresh. “Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and keeps the feet moisturised and hydrated along with preventing other foot ailments such as the Athlete’s foot which causes blisters, swelling and flaking on the feet,” adds Alisha.

What are the benefits of aloe infused socks?

Body Benefits Aloe-Infused Spa Socks: Get softer, smoother feet. Made from a high-quality super-soft material. Continually moisturize your feet to leave them feeling smooth.

Can you sleep with aloe socks on?

— Our aloe infused socks can be used for your at home spa pedicure treatment or as sleeping socks for your comfort. Put on some extra foot lotion at night before bed, slip on these fuzzy and cozy stockings before going to sleep and wake up to silky soft feet.

What are the purpose of aloe socks?

Infused with natural aloe vera, these super-soft socks continually moisturize while surrounding your feet in plush comfort. For best results, massage in your favorite foot lotion before slipping on the socks to leave feet feeling soft and smooth. Fits most foot sizes.

How do I wash my Airplus Aloe infused socks?

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, normal wash. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.

Are you supposed to wash aloe socks?

Machine wash cold in gentle cycle. Do not iron. Tumble-dry low. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed.

Should you put socks on after moisturizing your feet?

Wear socks and gloves overnight to lock in the moisture. Look for items made from cotton, as they’ll be most comfortable next to your skin. Cosmetic sections in stores may carry gloves specifically for overnight moisturizing.

How long do aloe vera socks last?

If you use fresh aloe, this recipe will last about one week in the refrigerator. Thus, you may want to make 1/4 the recipe amount at a time and more frequently. Using store bought aloe vera gel will make this recipe last much longer. It will last as long as the shelf life of the ingredients.

Can you put aloe infused socks in the dryer?

The socks continually moisturize while surrounding your feet in plush comfort. For best results, hand wash or machine wash cold your holiday footie socks on gentle cycle with dark colors. Do not iron. Hang to dry or tumble-dry low to avoid excess “fluff” that may shed due to the unique nature of the aloe-infused socks.

Can you leave Moisturising socks on overnight?

Wash and dry feet, liberally apply foot cream or gel, then slip into the moisturising socks to maintain beautifully soft, smooth skin. The moisture socks perform best when relaxing, overnight use is recommended. Wake up to new feet!

Do you wash aloe infused socks?